MyCleanPC, or is also marketed to be a all in one tool to rid your system from viruses, malware, spyware etc and to optimize your computer operating system.

In our experiences, with MyCleanPC and many other online fix it tools, They are mostly fluff and do very little to actually help your system, Mostly adjusting page files, Emptying Temp Files and vaguely finding only few real items pertaining to what is really needed to repair a truly infected system..

Even though MyCleanPC didn't seem to be infectious itself, Some of these so- called "Fix It" Tools are viruses themselves! - So always beware when downloading any of these Automatic Fix It tools -You may get one that you can't even remove and may further damage your system.

Below is our simple evaluation and comparison using MyCleanPC, then the free tools we offer to everyone on the Computer Services website. We have also included a link (below) to another IT Professionals' opinion of another very similar Fix-It tool.

Our techs looked into the MyCleanPC program by simply comparing the program to the Free Downloads that we offer on our website that we know are effective tools for virus malware, and variants eradication as well as optimization.

We took a liberally infected system and used MyCleanPC to attempt repairs of the system. It was constantly looking as if it was busy fixing just about anything you could imagine. In Actuality, after it was done we noted it constantly ran in the background and did somewhat, as most of thes usually do, slow the machine.

1. After we used the MyCleanPC we also ran our Free Avast Anti-Virus off Computer Services Free Downloads, The Free Avast anti-virus, Deemed "The worlds best anti-virus" By PC World Magazine and others.found 9 major infections left behind by MyCleanPC.

2. Then we ran Super Anti-Spyware offered on our site Free to everyone and it located 2 CRITICAL items as well as 128 additional items, again left behind by the MyCleanPC.

3. Then we Ran Cleanup, also offered Free on, and it removed 450MB worth of unneeded files, Again left behind By MyCleanPC.

In our simple comparison test on the most advertised Fix It Tools for your PC, and we found most often they all were offering up False Positives and inaccurate information and had no significant affect in actually repairing the system as compared to the Free applications we offer on our website to everyone.

Here is another link of from another IT professional evaluating PcMatic from and which is basically the same thing as MyCleanPC to read this evaluation Click Here

While we are on the subject of "automatic Fix It Tools" I find it worth mentioning the fact many of these programs allow you to download them free of charge only to lure you to pay to repair problems by running what looks like an actual analyses of your system when it is actually just a applet running to entice you to purchase the product. Not only that, some of these programs can actually be viruses themselves, offering you one fix after the other for monies you will never see again, while infecting your system more and more as you empty your bank account.

In short, these things just don't work, they cost you money that you will never get back because of the EULA's you have to agree to and some can even damage your system. If you need service after an infection, the only real solution remains to be a real human being at a Professional IT service organization.

You can save yourself allot of money and grief, and possibly your important data steering clear from ANY Online Fix It tools. They are unfortunatly mostly hype and a waist of your money.

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