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Don’t Throw your Computer Just yet!

REMEMBER - Throwing out a System because it has Contracted Viruses is a WAST OF YOUR MONEY so very often... There is usually NOTHING wrong with the hardware your replacing NO MATTER HOW BAD IT LOOKS... AND NEW Computers get Viruses JUST THE SAME as the one you have now... and JUST AS EASY! There is no new "WONDER TECHNOLOGY" to keep your computer from getting infected as some salespeople might want to imply to you! Why not save your money and get your system serviced instead... We can make your old computer run EVEN BETTER than it did when it was new with our optimized configurations, and at a fraction of the cost of New Hardware! And a bit more about BIG BOX stores! If they have conveniently told you that your system isn't repairable and/or the cost analysis was too high, You might know that most of their people are NOT technicians at all. And it's VERY COMMON when customers bring their units in after having them checked at a BIG BOX STORE that we most often have completely different Diagnostics from out technicians, and even if they are correct ( not often in our experiences) our rates are much more inline with reality to have the system repaired. AND you'll get REAL TECHNICIANS with more options of repair at Computer Services NOT just sales staff like the BIG BOX GUYS. AND OUR DIAGNOSTICS ARE ALWAYS FREE. So No matter what someone has told you, Check with us our Certified Technicians before Trowing your perfectly good hardware over nothing at all!

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